Online game players face some difficulty in their games if they do not have a guide to follow when playing or before playing the game. This guide should be able to tell online players all the pertinent information they need to know about the game and its rules.

Online pokie games, although straightforward and easy-to-understand, recognize this need of the players prompting online casino sites offering pokie games to come up with comprehensive online pokie guide for the interested players.

Some of the important information contained in an Online Pokie Guide are:

All about slots or pokies
This part may give you a little bit about the history of the game, the types of pokie games and some casino sites offering online pokie games. Examples of popular pokie games may be listed here.
How to play online pokies
This will give you information on the game rules and procedures, e.g., how to make a bet, what buttons to click, etc. The different steps in entering and exiting an online pokie game will be contained in this part. Some may even include descriptions of what the pokie game screen will look like and how to go around the screen using the different navigation buttons.
Online pokies’ winning tips
Online pokie players are inclined to seek advice or tips on how to win the game, which will be explained in this guide.
Play for free pokies
This guide will inform you which online casino sites offer games with play for free feature, where players can familiarize themselves with the game rules and buttons before setting off to play online pokies for cash.
Payment method options
This guide will introduce you to the different payment options available in various online casino sites. It will also give recommendations on which payment method offers the highest security and convenience in withdrawals. Like paypal, neteller are popular.
Recommended reputable and highly secured online casino sites
This part will list down some of the proven reputable casino sites with long history of integrity and reliability. This part will highlight the advantages of chosen casino sites.

The online pokie guide is intended for players to have a clear understanding of the game, its rules, the do’s and don’t’s of the games and the casino sites, etc. Players will be guided to how they can maximize their enjoyment and winning chances when playing the famous online pokie games. With this guide, you will never go the wrong way.

Mobile pokies are run by random number generator, a computer program that allows the machine to randomly pick a winning combination for specific spins. This means that there is just no strategy or skill that will help predict the outcome of an online pokie spin.

Having said that, some players will insist based on their own experience that there are some ways a player can end up with some successful results.

Up the steps system

To table game players, this is known as Paroli. This is the most successful strategy a pokie player has proven. This is useful in both 3-coin and 5-coin machines and best utilized by players with small bankroll. This system will only require the player to ‘up’ his wager whenever he wins.
A good example is a player betting on 1 coin. If he wins, he ups the wager to 2 coins. Otherwise he will continue betting on 1 coin. With each win, the player should increase the wager by 1 coin; on the second win, the wager is 3 and on the third win, the wager becomes 4 coins.
The player’s bankroll is stretched to more number of games. And in one of those extended game session, a player may hit the winning combination.

High / Low system

This works under the same principle of Up the steps with a somewhat aggressive deviation. In this system, the player starts with the minimum bet. When he wins, he will alter his bet to the maximum amount. If he wins while betting the maximum amount, he can continue to play at that level. If he loses, he will continue playing, going back to the minimum bet again. Your betting scheme is kind of re-set to minimum if you are not winning.


This system is for the more adventurous players who want to try out not just one pokie machine. The player will divide his bankroll into small amounts, say five sections of $20. The player can use any strategy he feels right for one pokie machine. When $20 is spent on one machine, he will stop the game and play on another machine using the second $20 section. He will repeat the process until he had used up the last or the fifth $20 section on a loss. If he is winning, he should continue playing.

These strategies may have worked for some pokie players, but there’s no assurance that it will work for you. Lady Luck has a say on this, so you can try but don’t blame anyone.

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